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How To Join 

Step 1: Join BIG by completing the national membership application and paying the fee (click here).

Step 2: Contact the Region Membership Chair and  provide your membership number to seek assistance in locating a local chapter.  (Click here

Step 3: Afficate with a Chapter and pay Chapter Dues.  

Additional Steps to Maximize Your Membership

- Familairize yourself with the information on the Chapter
- Region and National websites
- Attend a Chapter and Region Meeting
- Attend New Member Orientation and Open House. 
- Join the Chapter, Region and National Mailing List
- Participate (i.e. join a committee at the chapter level and region level, attend events and outreach activities)


National Membership
Regular National Membership Fee $35.00 Annually
Associate Membership Fee $25.00 Annually 
Associate Member Undergraduate Student $20.00 Annually 
Life Membership $325.00 (one time payment)
Gold Plus Membership $250.00

Chapter Affiliation dues determined by the chapter

How To Renew Your Membership

Step 1: Renew your BIG membership by login and paying the fee (click here).
Note: You will need your membership number/password, which is located on your original receipt or contact the membership chair.  Login example: CSmith
Step 2: Email the renewal payment confirmation to the membership chair.
Step 3: Chapter Dues

types of membership

Region XI Council of 

"A Renewed Vision: Recruitment, Engagement, Development & Innovation (REDI)!"