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​​2022 S.T.E.M
The National Organization of Blacks In Government (BIG) is sponsoring its 2022 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Student Competition. The official theme is: "Creativity Inspired by Science and Technology." This competition is designed to challenge the creative minds of high school students. The STEM competition invites students to create a superhuman character that came to Earth to restore unity, inclusiveness, and cooperation. Based on scientific research, students will develop their super character and write a story explaining how they got their superpowers. The STEM competition allows chapters and regional councils to make a positive contribution to their community, thus increasing visibility. It provides an avenue for chapter and regional council members to participate in a worthwhile effort to increase the chapter's/council's ability to recruit and retain members.

2022 Training In Communications Program 
The National Organization of Blacks In Government (BIG) is sponsoring a Training In Communications (TIC) program. This program aims to provide young people training in communication and leadership skills and practical experiences to develop those skills. The TIC program is comprised of two parts: a) Communications Academy, and b) Student Oratorical Contest. The TIC targets 9th – 12th Grade students to compete for scholarships and awards. The 2022 theme is: "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Are We Headed in the Right Direction?” The TIC program enables your chapter(s) to make a positive contribution to the community, thus increasing the chapter's visibility. It provides an excellent opportunity to share BIG's mission and vision

Regional winners will be selected and submitted to the National Program and Planning Chair.

Please download all materials for details and due dates. 

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"A Renewed Vision: Recruitment, Engagement, Development & Innovation (REDI)!"  

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