We do not ship items. Note: Please use an accurate email at check out in order to coordinate pick-up at the regional meeting or other arrangements. We DO NOT SHIP.  You may pick up at the Saturday regional meeting (2nd Saturday @10am) at NOAA.

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BIG Region XI Hat (Male)    BIG Region XI Hat (Female)

$10.00 each


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If you would like to send a payment to the region by using the Family Friend option use the email: You must use your Paypal account or bank account to send money through the Family Friend option. If you use a Debit or Credit Card, Paypal will apply a fee.  Learn more (click here). If you chose to send money this way forward your receipt to the Treasurer at the email above and indicate what it is for.


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BIG Region XI Lapel Pin - $10 (Regular) BIG Region XI Lapel Pin - $20 (Lifetime)

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BIG Region XI Pathway to Success Picture Frame

$12 each

If you mail a check send to:

Blacks In Government Region XI

PO Box 2931 Washington DC 20013

Blacks In Government

"A Renewed Vision: Recruitment, Engagement, Development & Innovation (REDI)!"  

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